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And it's been 4 months since my last update.

Anyway...things have been slowly but surely moving.

Got in touch with some of my relatives back East, it's been a year since my cousin passed and even now the loss is still hard.

But as for my Aspergers/Autism diagnosis I'll be going to be evaluated very soon!

My artwork is taking a back seat at the moment but I'm getting back to writing.

Again this is all a work in progress but it's getting there.

I plan on visiting some friends this month...after all that's happened, I need some time to relax.

But as always thanks for reading!
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Hi all,

Thanks for all the kind words and comments. I really do appreciate it.

Here's what I hope accomplish this year:

:bulletred: Get my stress level down to a minimum and work out a schedule that actually works.

:bulletorange: Write more and have my projects completed by the end of the year. 

:bulletyellow: Take an actual vacation and visit family. 

:bulletgreen: Update more often. 

:bulletblue: Get my long awaited Aspergers/Autism diagnosis. 

:bulletpurple: Post more of my artwork, sell it and take commissions.

:bulletpink: Get back to California. 

I've really had a rough time but plan on working on getting it together, seriously my nerves are shot. Plan on trying to take it easy this time around. 
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Hi all,

Excuse the late journal entry.

Things have been slowly but surely working out.

I'm in the process of working on a documentary project about my ancestry and family history...

I can't say much about it right now but hopefully by next month I'll have things squared away once I meet with some people who can help take this from an idea on paper to an actual production.

As always, thank you again for reading and supporting me.

It's been rough...but I do hope this time next year things will going exactly how I plan them to.
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Just posting an update...

Things just might be looking up.

I will admit this year I've had my share of ups and downs but it looks like things might finally be changing for the better.

Still miss Prince though and have been listening to his songs since April.

Sorry for the lack of updates, my laptop was out for repairs.

Aside from that, I'm hoping after this month things will get better...
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Hi all,

So here's my first journal in 6 months!

My reason is much of what's happened.

I lost two more betta fish after losing my other one. My Mom got sick in February and in March I was unable to attend Wondercon in LA.

The biggest shock for me this year was when Prince passed away in April, as it turns out he is my 4th cousin!

However, I did not know this until 1 month later. Sadly some people now think because I discovered he's my relative that I'm just looking for a way to get an inheritance from his estate, Paisley anyone that knows me can tell I'm not like that. I've always been kind, compassionate and never do anything out of personal gain or greed.

As a result of sharing my discovery, I've been bullied online twice! I think people are just jealous that my connection to Prince is something they wish they had.

Will all the trials and tragedies I've had since 2012, if my family does qualify for an inheritance from my cousin Prince would really help my family...we've suffered so much and it would enable us to help other people.

The only reason why I decided to check to see if Prince was my relative  was out of curiosity. He and I are very much alike. I am sorry that we didn't meet, I believe he and I would have been very close.

I just hope others realize I love my cousin and had I found this out sooner I would have gone to great lengths to contact him. Words can't describe how hard it is to read the negative things said online about your relative and by the same token, the same person that was not only loved and respected by many is also part of your family.

I did send my information to a genealogy firm that is looking for Prince's family, for now they're just keeping different reports, mine included in their records. I just wish folks would understand I sent it in for legal reasons, withholding information is a serious crime and I would have a guilty conscious if I didn't file a report. At this point, the court is just processing claims by immediate family but there is a strong possibility they may start looking at other relatives which is where me and other people in my family come in. I'm so upset some people assume I'm using my connection to Prince to either get attention or have some other ulterior motive. I would NEVER do such a thing!

Overall, I'll never stop loving Prince and will always defend his reputation. I have several relatives I've never met but I still think about them and wish I had met them. Trust me, when you hear or read about someone who said or did something  that caused your family member pain or had the intention of doing so, it hurts!

Losing Prince, honestly I haven't cried this much in a long time...I hope with time people will realize they shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and accept the fact he and I are family and that both of us are talented individuals.

Though I have felt better than I did 6 months ago. It seems the rut I was in before is finally going away.

Will post how things go. I really hope this Summer will be pleasant... I'll be going to California in August and I can really use a vacation.
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Hey folks, and this marks my first journal entry for 2016!

So far I've had a few ups and downs, my first major loss of the year was my betta fish, Cole. (October 2013-January 13th 2016).

Aside from that, I plan on putting together a routine so that I'll have time to work on my writing and art. I have too many projects and ideas that have never seen the light of day.

As always, I'm open for commissions, as I could really use some to cover the costs of supplies.

I'll be taking my first road trip of the year next month and I'm looking forward to it!

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Tagged for the first time. By AirStrikeTF

1) What is your favorite hobby?

A tie between writing and sculpting with clay.

2)What is your favorite movie/tv show?

Favorite movie-Homeward Bound 2: Lost in San Francisco

Favorite TV show-Too many to name but just to name one... Sister, Sister

3)If you look in my gallery, which one of my deviations is your favorite?

Your Transformers sparkling story with Sunstreaker(I forget the title, sorry) that was an adorable story.

4)Do you like/ever watch Transformers G1? If so, what was your favorite episode?
Not a fan of G1, so I don't really watch the re-runs.

If not, then what is your favorite color?
Green. It's also one of the main colors found in Nature and I've always had a love for it.

5)Are you a writer or a picture artist?

Writer, but also a clay artist...I do a little painting too.

6)What is your favorite artist on Deviantart?

Tough call, I'd say Shelzie, Greykitty and a few others.

7)How much time do you spend on this website?

Anywhere between 15-20 minutes checking and answering messages.  30 minutes to 1 hour if I'm uploading new material or posting a journal

8)What is your favorite animal?

Used to be Bottlenose dolphins, currently I'd say African wild dogs.

9)Do you like ice cream? If so, what is your favorite flavor? If not, just say no.

Not as much as I used to, but coffee will always be my favorite ice cream flavor. Especially Hagen-Daaz.

10) How much time did you waste answering my questions?

Lost track, I'd say fifteen minutes.

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I'm baack!

Anyway, my crunch is still going, while I do have some money saved, I've got a ways to go before I'm out of the woods.

I got some dental work done this month so I've been sore lately. Things have been going well for my Dad, job wise.

The items I couldn't sell on eBay which are my laptop screen, battery and an internet modem plus the router, those will be sent for recycling or charity.

Plan on going to a local farm to pick some produce before they close for the season.

As a project for Fall I decided to raise some Cabbage white butterflies. Got them as caterpillars 2 weeks ago. The first group, 3 males and 3 females all turned into healthy adults and are now out flying around and enjoying their lives as wild butterflies. The second group is only a few days into their development from caterpillar to butterfly.

Although I'm going to California by the end of next week. I will take my butterflies with me in case they come out and I can release them.  I enjoyed this project so much that I will be doing this again next spring. :)

Stay tuned for photos!

As mentioned before I'm open for commissions, however any orders placed between now and the first week of November will be on hold due to me being out of town.

Overall, things are slowly looking up...I have plans to finish up or start at least one of my art and writing related projects that I've been putting off.

As always, check back for updates.
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Hi folks...

Well, the past month has, ok.

Sadly, I'm still in a crunch, I'm patiently waiting to be paid back money that has been owed to me for quite some time, I have no problem with that other than one person I tried to work things out with but who refuses to cover their tab,(long story, please don't ask) so it looks like I'll have to take whatever is given to me and pick up the remaining balance elsewhere.

I still have a few things for sale on eBay, I sold three items within the past month,that allowed me to get some of my art supplies but I most likely won't be able to get the rest for another month or longer.

My Dad will be getting some work soon and the lease where my family is currently living will be up in the winter.
It's also the last day of Summer, not that I mind, I won't miss the heat just the extra daylight. I look forward to Fall, the next semester of the writing classes I've been taking will be starting in October. I also plan to go to one of the local farms near me to pick fruits and vegetables.

My summer wasn't bad and this year overall has been a mix of ups and downs for me. I want to make up for lost time and hope that things will change before the year is over and I'll have the things on my to-do list squared away.


For those interested in my commissions or my items for sale on eBay, just send me a note or leave a comment.

Typically I charge between $1 to 20 depending on what artwork piece I'm doing, this does not include shipping which would have to calculated.

I sadly don't mail packages outside the U.S. at the moment.

All payments must be through paypal.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, it isn't easy though. I have a gameplan that I'll be using, then there's my upcoming back to California possibly next month which gives me something to look forward to.

Will post how things turn out.

Thanks for reading!
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Hi folks,

Well I have some good news and bad news...

I'll start with the bad...if nobody doesn't mind...

Last month someone vandalized our air conditioner unit. For three and half days we had to run fans until a repairman and his assistant were able to come and fix the air conditioner. There's a security lock on the unit now so that the oil and everything else that makes it run can't be drained again. We will be filing a report because whoever drained it did so illegally since handling an appliance like that requires a person with a license.

I'm a bit of a crunch at the moment, the funds I need to get supplies for my art and writing are at an all time low.

Long story short, until I'm paid back the money I'm owed, I'm offering commissions on my artwork.


Good news is I got a new laptop this month and joined a network group consisting of writers, directors and others in the film and tv industry. I had been invited to attend one of their group meetings back when I was at comic-con in 2013 but hadn't been able to. It wasn't until I went to LA earlier this month that I was able to go. While it's based in LA many of the group members have had various experiences working in movies and tv.

Hopefully between the people I met that day and one of my Dad's new friends looking for people to help maintain his own business, this could ultimately be the help my family needs to relocate back to California.

Overall, it went better than expected.


For those interested in my commissions, just send me a note or leave a comment.

Typically I charge between $1 to 20 depending on what the item is and that's without shipping.

I sadly don't mail packages outside the U.S. yet.

All payments must be through paypal.

For those who want to help out in another way, here's what I have for sale on eBay

D-link Ethernet router and modem…

Dell Inspiron 15 Lithium battery…

Dell Inspiron 15R laptop screen…

Thanks for reading.
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Hey folks just a quick update.

So far my summer has been somewhat decent. What's been making it enjoyable so far are the writing classes I've been taking for the last month and I also watched Shark Week on Discovery channel for the third year in a row!

Good news is I'll be getting my laptop next month.

I ended up getting a different one last week since the first one is still on back order. It wasn't a bad trade off since the one I switched out for has the same features as the other one but also some that it didn't have including a touch screen and more RAM/Memory.

While I'm looking forward to my trip and new laptop, I sadly had a tragic loss three days ago. Here's the bad news My betta fish, Myra passed away in her sleep from sickness and old age.( July 2013-July 16th 2015). It was a really sad day for me, she was my first female betta.

I will miss her and I know my other betta, Cole will too since he keeps looking around for her.

(I kept their bowls side by side so they could keep each other company)

I did contact the local fish store where I bought Cole last April and they put me on their request/waiting list. Hopefully on Wednesday when they get their new fish I'll have another female betta.

Aside from that, I'm hoping to get back on track with my writing and art projects once I get my new laptop.

I also plan to make the best of what's left of my summer, hopefully I'll be able to go back to California before the year is over... I need a vacation in the worst way. Hopefully if I do it'll give me a chance to unwind and get some new ideas that will really be useful for my art and writing.


Thanks for reading!
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Hi all,

I apologize for no updates in June, but here's what parent's anniversary went nicely, got them some nice gifts, dinner and desert.

Enjoyed my visit to the butterfly garden too, I found a breeder/supplier that sells both butterfly eggs and caterpillars, I plan to order some in August to raise as a nature project.

Anyway...the main reason for my lack of updates is because my three and a half year old laptop's motherboard went out a month ago after I got back from my trip to San Francisco. While the hard drive and a few other parts were salvaged, the rest of it was totaled and beyond repair.

As a result, I've had to use other devices. I do have a replacement laptop coming but it's been on back order and I have no idea when I'll get it. If it doesn't come back in stock I'll have to look elsewhere.

While there is a public library up the street from me, not having my own laptop has become a major handicap. Why? the computers at the library have a tight security system so I can't access my files on the external drive the computer repair shop gave me which contains the hard drive from my laptop. I can't burn CDs or DVDs or print papers.

Anyway...if I have to obtain my laptop from another source, I would need the means to pay the retail price as opposed to a discount that has a payment plan.

I'll more than likely start a crowd funding page, hopefully that'll work, I'll also be selling a few things(laptop parts, writing software, cassette player) whatever I collect will go towards a new laptop if my replacement isn't back in stock.

Until I get a laptop, new updates will be slower.

So sorry.

Thanks for reading.

I'm off to go enjoy the rest of Shark week on Discovery channel.
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Hi all,

Can't believe I haven't updated in a month.

Anyway...between being under the weather, going and having family visiting, my hands were tied.

It will take some time before I can get the means to go after the person who basically stole and sold my dog. But I have been able to obtain proof that they were operating illegally during the time my dog was at their facility.

Hoping in May things will turn around. For starters, I went to a museum exhibit about the history of chocolate, which was great. Last weekend was also Free comic book day.

With my parents anniversary coming up next week, plus going to the butterfly garden that opened for the season.

I plan to enter my writing in more contests and will be going San Francisco next month. After the way things have been the last five months, I could really use a break. My biggest problem is trying to relax but I hope to get that sorted out.

Aside from that I plan to make the most of the second half of this year and make it the one of the best and most memorable.

Expect some new uploads from me soon of my art, photos and writing.

Thanks for reading!
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Hey all...

Well, due to circumstances beyond my control, my trip has been held off until July.

Aside from that, I've been working on getting my act together in terms of my art and writing.

I plan to enter my work in more writing contests and hope to have a draft for one of my scripts finished by the end of the summer.

I'm trying hard to work towards a point where I feel like every week or at least every month I've accomplished something off my Mile long TO-DO list, this includes projects I had held off for months.

I've discovered on this site, some of the artists who worked on my favorite animated series have accounts here. I hope to have a portfolio of shorts put together to show them. I enjoy the feedback I get from my work because it's encouraging and motivating.

For years, I never really let anyone read my work out of fear that people would hate it, that was one of my biggest reasons. All that changed ten years ago when I launched my own website which was the start of posting my work online. Since then, I've received feedback which has boosted my confidence.

I plan to contact the people I've met at Comic-Con as well as those I follow on Twitter. Hopefully, I'll have something put together that I can show them and form a network.

It's taken me a while to get this far but I'm hoping that all my hard work will pay off and won't be a vain effort.

As always...check back here for updates.

Thanks for reading.
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Hey all,

First journal entry of the year.

I'll admit, things have been off to a slow start but by the end of this month or at least in March, things will get better once I'm more organized.

My now three year long search for Rudy hasn't ended, just slowed down until I have the means of being able to hire a lawyer to sue the guy who practically sold/ripped off my dog and go after ANY one else involved.

At a local vet's office I've seen dozens of flyers for stolen and missing dogs. I truly believe there's a theft problem going on.

 I've cut off communications with someone who I thought was a long time supporter of mine. During this whole ordeal I've had run in after run in with people I thought were rooting for me to get Rudy back only to find out they are nothing but a bunch of turn coats. It's been rough and that's putting it mildly.

But overall, I hope to have it all behind me before or by the end of the year.

Moving's some of the more pleasant things that HAVE happened to me and what is just up ahead.

I entered two writing contests, although I didn't win the first one my entry was published! as for the second contest, I came in third place...I know most people think third place isn't much but hey, knowing that I placed out of possibly hundreds of entries does feel good. It also shows that all my years of hard work and practice weren't in vain and that someone on the judges panel liked my writing. Granted, I've been told before I'm a good writer but when a professional recognizes the hard work and creativity from a self taught writer like myself, I consider it to be quite a complement.

And here's a look at what's ahead for me.

Next weekend marks the 10th anniversary of when my website went online. Plan to celebrate this milestone. Will going to a movie and maybe having a nice desert.

In March, I'll be down in California, one reason being I'll be at a writer's group meeting hosted by a producer I met at Comic Con. I'm looking forward it. Hoping to go to the beach as well or the zoo.

Aside from that, I really want things to get better than what they had been for me since 2012 with Rudy being literally torn out of my life was the biggest change I've ever dealt with apart from when my first dog passing away ten years ago. I hope to make 2015 a good memorable year.

As always, I'll continue to post updates of how things are going.
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Hi all,

I apologize for the lack of updates.

One major reason is because I moved (again). The place downstairs from me was available so it worked out. Same neighborhood, just on the ground floor I have no complaints about it, walking up and down stairs can be a good workout but by the same token exhausting.

I've been finding out more and more about people who have had bad experiences with animal rescue groups.

It's gotten so bad now anytime I see something related to adopting a pet I roll my eyes.

Believe me, I'm not writing this to offend anyone who chooses to get their pet from a shelter or elsewhere.  A person has a right to choose, and the only ones I'll ever recommend is the Humane Society or ASPCA for anyone looking to adopt a pet... but independent rescues and shelters...I'm sorry but after my personal experience and reading about others, I would never give anyone a referral.

The reason why I said that is because Rescue groups and Animal shelters today are NOT the same as the ones I grew up hearing about.

Years ago, these people worked with breeders and organizations like the American kennel club but in the last decade, they changed and began portraying the American Kennel club and dog breeders as cruel people who are only interested in dogs for profit.

There's all sorts of things wrong with that. The ones who make those statements only say it because they see dog breeders and pet stores as competition. Unlike fake rescue groups and shelters, breeders and pet stores have every legal right to sell pets where many rescues and shelters don't even have the licenses or permits to show they are legit. Every year, many breeders have their kennels inspected to make sure they are following regulation guidelines... rescues and animal shelters...not so much.

Some even literally sell dogs out of the trunk of a car. No really, I have actually seen a guy at a parking lot selling puppies, the dogs are often sick and their paperwork is fake. Rescue groups have done this too, how I know is because I've seen ads online.

The sad part is although many of these people have been reported, there's a lot of them still out there.

One group I've heard of before got busted last month because of the way the dogs were treated and the person running it owed people money for training, housing and medical care for said dogs.

It's really messed up but I'm glad some people feel the need for rescue groups and shelters to be regulated.

Unless I can get someone to take me seriously, I've strongly considered starting a crowd funding page for the production of a documentary on pet flipping and fake animal rescues.

The biggest complaints I've seen on blogs is the fees some of these groups charge and people going home with pets that are sick or have behavior problems. Some groups are charging $250 to even $1,000 for dogs. According to pet legal experts any re-homing fee above $250 or charging different prices for different breeds is brokering and the 'rescue' or shelter in question would be considered a pet store. Also, by law it IS illegal to adopt about a dog that is aggressive.

I remember one itme when I went to Petco some group was out there with some dogs they were trying to get adopted. The handlers didn't have on shirts or anyhing identifying who they were. The dogs they had looked sick and didn't seem used to being around people that much because some would run any time a person tried to pet them. I overheard one onlooker as how much was the fee to adopt a puppy, soon as I heard the woman say $350 I thought 'You're selling these dogs'

My first dog was a rescue case and she was my best friend but she had some trust issues.

Still, for $350 I can put that towards puppy from a breeder and know that he or she is healthy, has no behavior problems and isn't stolen.

Although I've always been one for helping animals, I could NEVER support the wrongdoing a lot of these people commit.

It's really sad that Animal rescues and shelters were once reliable and ran by honest  people but now many can't be trusted because have criminals turned it into an enterprise they can make easy money off of. Many even steal dogs.


I hope my case has the same ending as this one

Owner gets back lost dog after Rescue operator lies, adopts out to to South Carolina family…

Other articles that back up everything I've researched...

Do you think $600 is a reasonable adoption fee for a dog?…

Has a Dog Rescue found you 'unfit' to adopt?…

Rescue gone wrong?…

Part 2: Following the money trail…

Have you ever questioned a Rescue's adoption fees?…

Dog theft case goes to trial…

I'm not throwing in the towel on my search for Rudy but going to court to get back what's rightfully mine is pretty much the only way I can get this mess finally resolved.

I had one person who chewed me out ask me if I got her back, when I replied I asked if she knew where Rudy was and didn't get any reply.

But I'm not letting them off, just last Wednesday it's been three years since that I trusted the staff of that forsaken place to care for my dog.

I also have some plans to make it harder for these people to dupe other innocent animal lovers and dog owners out of their hard earned money and pets.

Just last month they tried to pull a fast one by holding a charity event at TGI Fridays. Basically it was that when customers  came in between 5 to 10pm twenty percent of their bill would be donated to the exact same people who sold my dog!

  Found out the flyer they used advertising the event was a fake!

How so? well, when they got to the restuerant and handed the flyer to the waiter, at first he thought it was a coupon but after being told what it was he took the flyer to the manager and explained the situation. Well, the manager went to their table and told them he was going to honor it but changed his mind and told them they could NOT hand out flyers to other customers.

Finally! someone caught on and their rip off stunt failed.

If they continue, I strongly believe they'll fold permanently because they are running out of sources to get money.

There's a shopping plaza not far from me where I plan to leave flyers with Rudy's photos.

In other news, I entered a story about Cooper, Rudy's cousin in a writing contest. The winning story will be posted on Nicolas Sparks' website and the pet in the story will be a character in his next book!

The winner won't be announced until January.

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to going back to doing the things I once enjoyed and getting my life back together.

I've really had it rough and feel that I deserve to experience the joy and happiness that was lacking in my life.

I plan to use the last two weeks of December( winter break) to get my act together so that by January, I'll have my art and writing projects squared away.

I appreciate all the continued support and kind words.

This year may have started out differently than what I hoped but it looks like things are turning around in a good way for once. :)
Hi all,

I know it's been a while since I updated but I have to say, my life's gradually getting better. Met my oldest sister for the first time(long story) and we really hit it off.

Prior that, went to San Diego for a couple days...which was a nice break from the extreme heat and a pleasant change of scenery.

I actually found an article and some information that really backs up what me and several other people have experienced. Also learned that the same people who worked at the shelter where Rudy was is trying to file for 501 non profit status using a different name. I looked up the form they are using and according to the instructions from the IRS, they are NOT eligible. Also any money they collect is illegal. In other words, they should not  be open in the first place. Another thing is this... if an organization takes in money without the IRS knowing about it, anyone on in charge, directors, managers, etc... can land in hot water in additon to having their non profit status revoked.

A docmentary revealed Vegas is a regular hub for fake organizations. They literally have thousands if not millions of dollars that remains unaccounted for by the IRS. These people often register with the secretary of state, who does absolutely nothing in terms of inspecting, regulating or checking

I made a screenshot of the announcement they wrote asking people to help them cover their filling fee with the IRS. Will be sending it out to a few people who need to know about this. Aside from that, I plan to make the most of the rest of 2014.

I have a few projects I had on hold that I really want to get back to, will post what they are and the status of each one. All I can say is they are related to polymer clay, writing and animals.

Will post how things go.
"So, I placed my heart, under lock and key. To take some time and take care of me. But I turn around, and you're standing here. How did you get here? Nobody's supposed to be here. I tried that love thing for the last time. My heart says... no, no... nobody's supposed to be here, but you came along and changed my mind!" - 'Nobody's supposed to be here.' by Deborah Cox

Hi all, well a lot has happened.

Going to see a movie was really enjoyable.

But here's what's gone on.

Found out about Charity Fraud and learned that theft by charity fraud could work for a case like mine.

Went on vacation in San Francisco last month and believe me I really needed it.

I'm happy to report my depressed and bitter state has pretty much dropped by the wayside thanks to a six month old puppy. Though I had said I'd never get another dog, I gave in.

His name is Cooper and according to his lineage he and Rudy ARE cousins, just 4 generations apart. His Grandmother is actually her Great Aunt. He's truly been a great help and prevented what probably would have been the worst breakdown in my life.

While I still plan to persue filing for writ of possession and legal aid, I got Cooper with the mindset that IF all the courts will give me is compensation instead of ordering Rudy to be returned, I'll have a dog who is related to her and for lack of better words I am NEVER letting history repeat itself. In other words, I will NOT go to an animal rescue for help ever again. I'm not saying all of them are bad but rescue groups and shelters have changed from what they were back in the 90s and early 2000s, nowadays they are pretty much ran by criminals who will steal dogs and sell them. Many of them don't care how many dog owners they hurt or the hundreds of dogs who are mentally scared for life by being ripped away from the people they love.

 I plan to register Cooper as a therapy dog, by law he would stay with me regardless of if there's a no pets allowed rule. I also found out many fake non profit organizations in Vegas register with the Secretary of State who does NOT inspect or regulate them! Many of these groups have money they NEVER filed with the IRS, I'm talking millions of dollars that are off-the-books! Basically, it's tax evasion which nothing to joke about.

A couple of weeks ago I had to put two non supporters in their place regarding my dog. Sorry but if they suffered the way I have, neither of them would want someone calling them a loser or idiot. You don't say that to somebody you just met.

While I'm not giving up on my search for Rudy, now that I have Cooper, he will be keeping me occupied in addition to getting back to writing and working on my art. I've been in a rut for too long and want to get my life back in order.

Will post photos soon.

Overall, I'm glad I finally got the break that I desperately deserved.

As for breeding my fish, the second attempt failed but I'll try again probably in September, mostly because I'll be San Diego next weekend, plus I have family visiting at the end of the month.

Will post how things go.

Again, thanks for reading.
Well, it's been a month since my last update but here's what's been going on.

Sent out a few emails to various people in power. Got one reply so far which was encouraging. I still need to mail out the rest. My new betta, Cole is now almost 8 months old. I've done some research and decided to try breeding him with my female betta, Myra. I went and got the supplies I need but I've been batting a thousand when it comes to heaters. Seriously, I followed the instructions but the water temperature hasn't changed a bit.

Had to put one person in her place regarding animal shelters and rescues the other day. Apparently she thought what I wrote regarding my experience portrayed animal shelters and rescue groups negatively. Well, after giving an explanation, I was able to set it straight but there is no way I will by any means sugar coat what I've been through. I've noticed other people are finding out that animal rescue organizations and rescues aren't what they used to be. The ones with good track records are getting harder and harder to find. Why? it's mostly because criminals have found a way to turn it into an enterprise. Many work off the grid and usually don't get caught unless someone comes forward. In Texas last October, one family was told their dog had a back problem that would eventually cripple him, so they decided to have him put to sleep. Fast forward, six month later, they got a phone call from the vet's office from a nurse telling them that their dog was alive. Turns out the vet lied and had been using their dog along with five others to extract blood for transfusions! Animal control came and took the other five dogs who were kept in a filthy room in the back of the vet's office. The owners did get their dog back and took him to a different vet found out there was nothing wrong with his back at all! Long story short, the vet who basically stole their dog, had his license revoked and the dog's owners plan to file charges against him. The nurse who came forward was afraid to say anything because she had been an ex-felon.

Here's another case of one person who ran a fake rescue and was found guilty after a two year investigation

Peanut Kilby found guilty on 60 counts in 'Lucky Dog' trial…

In addition to selling T-shirts, I've also started another page to raise funds. Any royalties and other funds collected will go towards helping Rudy get back home.

Homeward Hound

I seriously plan on getting a routine going and getting organized. It's the halfway mark of 2014 and I plan to make the most of the next few months. But I know I can't endure a third year without Rudy which is why I hope before the end of 2014 to have her back home where she belongs.

I did some more digging and found out something that could be very useful. The same so called 'shelter' who wrongfully adopted out my dog not only started a new group but it turns out there's third, yes... a third being ran by the very person responsible for selling my dog and taking away two years of my life.

I checked with the IRS and there's no record of them at all. I plan to contact other people about this. Also, turns out people involved in dog fighting have disguised themselves as animal rescue groups.

Found out there's a woman who is in a situation that is quite similar to what happened to me. Anyway, she and her son are temporary housing until she can get a place but the only dog she can keep with her right now is a service dog which I assume is his because he has a disability. She has two other dogs who are considered pets so they sadly can't stay with her. Long story short, she's trying to find someone who can take care of her dogs until she gets a new place. The same punks who sold my dog asked her if she would be interested in leaving her dogs with them and finding another place for them to live. She said unless she had to, she'd find someone else to take them but from what I got, she made it extremely clear that she wants to keep her dogs.

I got a phone number and plan to call and warn her. She needs to know if she lets this con-artist take her dogs, she'll be in the exact same boat as me. Her son is in 5th grade and I believe if something happened to those dogs, he'd be crushed. Honestly, I used to be a cheerful person but now I've become so bitter these last two years to a point if someone tells me to 'just get over it' one more time, I'm going to put them in their place and if they don't like what I say, so be it, their dog wasn't stolen by deception and sold and they didn't suffer the way I have while trying to scrape up the means to get law enforcement involved so I can get back what is rightfully mine.

There's a woman back east right now who is trying to raise funds to get her Shetland sheepdog back via federal lawsuit because an 'animal rescue' refuses to return her dog. Look up Bring Piper Home on Go Fund Me.

Aside from that, I'll be trying to get myself together but won't be giving up on Rudy.

Will be taking the weekend off and plan to go to a movie next week. I need a break.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Check back for an update later on.
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Hi all...

Well... *sigh*

It's getting harder for me to write updates... I have very little joy and happiness in my life, as sad as that sounds it's true. All because of one sadistic, back stabbing heartless liar who has made my life a living nightmare!

Never in my life have I crossed paths with someone so evil.

It's hard for me to focus on other things.

Honestly, I can't think of a morning I woke up or a night I went to sleep without Rudy being on my mind.

Only way I can describe this feeling is like a dripping faucet that I can't shut off.

So many times I've felt anger at levels so bad I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs.

I've cried so much in the last two years that my eyes sometimes turn red or burn from being dry.

Just the other day, I was thinking about if none of this had happened, I could have really focused on my writing and artwork. By now, I may have had some of my top priority stories finished and sold my artwork.

Sadly, my writing and clay artwork have taken a serious nose dive and that fact that 2012 and 2013 are two years of my life that I'll NEVER get back.

While I still get great ideas, I lack the motivation to actually work on them. It's a real drag to me.

I'm not giving up on my dog but it's wearing me out every single day.


I've tried turning to news media for help in getting my story out and I've either been turned down or never got a reply at all.

Another thing is I've read about people who turned to social networks for help and within a couple days or even hours they'd hear from somebody who saw their dog. I've replied to dozens of found ads and posted Rudy's photos on several missing pet websites but nothing.

No, really. I think whoever has my dog or has seen isn't coming forward on purpose. Which in my opinion is stealing and just being selfish. If these people have kids, they've ruined their moral code by telling them it's ok to keep somebody else's property. That's wrong!

While I know not all animal rescue groups or shelters are out to dupe people, this experience has made me resentful towards them.

20/20 did an episode on moochers and people who collect money for fake injuries on their job. ABC or 60 minutes needs to do a piece on bootleg/fake animal rescues/shelters, they're not all on the up and up either.

I get mad when those same news stations take another person's missing/stolen pet story over mine. It's NOT fair!


I got a new betta fish. I've only had him for 2 weeks and he's doing great. He and the female I already had, like each other.  For me, it beats watching a romantic comedy. Glad to see them showing each other some love.

Last week while browsing through a pet store, I saw a beagle who had been there for a couple of weeks. First time I didn't play with him because I figured it would emotionally effect me. Seriously, I can't look at a beagle without trying to hold back breaking down and crying. I kept looking at this puppy, for some reason I had this feeling in the back of my head telling me not to ignore this dog. So, I followed my first mind. While playing with him I couldn't help but notice he was a lot like Rudy. I asked for his pedigree and noticed something different about the dogs listed in his pedigree.

When I got home and looked up the dog's name on Google.

Guess what I discovered?

This beagle puppy is Rudy's 4th cousin!

I was blown away and I did cry after a while.

While he hasn't been sold yet and even though I had no plans to get another dog for different reasons including costs and having the space. Plus, I always feel like whatever money I'd give a breeder or pet store, (sorry but after this experience I don't trust certain rescues and animal shelters), I can pay a lawyer or file a writ of possession report. Writ of possession would be that I file a report with the civil court and then contact the local sheriff. After that, I'd have to pay a deposit to go out to the address of the person involved in selling my dog. If they don't find Rudy at that person's house, they'll get the address of where she is and go there. At that point, they'd retrieve her from that location and she'd be held for ten days. If the people can't pay the bond then after the ten day grace period, she'd come back to me. However, should they pay the bond, then it would have to be settled through mediation. If the issue can't be resolved that way, then going to court would be the last resort.

As the plaintiff, I can request a restraining order, I'd do this for security reasons so nobody could come after me or my dog in retaliation.

I read about one person in L.A. who did it and got their dog back.

My only drawback is while I don't need a lawyer to file the report, there's still a cost. This would be the deposit for the sheriff to go out and get Rudy then there's the storage fees for the 10 day hold/grace period. Which is why I have these T-shirts online.

All the royalties collected go towards what I need to get Rudy home. See link below.…

I did contact a breeder who owns a few of Rudy's cousins and explained what happened. He offered to call me when he has some puppies available since the ones in the upcoming litter are spoken for. Found out Rudy pedigree includes an old line of beagles which are difficult to track down.

The only reasons why I contacted this breeder is because in the event that I'm unable to get Rudy back I can at least get a puppy who is related to her.

I'm not throwing in the towel, I do intend to get her back because she was stolen and this whole ordeal has had a major impact on my life. Just this week alone I've episodes which could have easily became break downs. :'(

I left a flyer at the pet store where I saw her cousin. Turns out they keep tabs on every puppy they've sold and had Rudy been one of their dogs, they would've gotten her back. I plan to go to vet's office where she went before she was adopted out. If they know something I'm going to really push for answers and explain the dog they treated was stolen. Plus I have the papers to prove she's mine.

I got some contact information for people in power, including two who have been involved in dog related issues.

Will be sending letters/emails to all of them.

Not the only one this has happened to either...check out these links and you'll get the picture.

Whose Puppy is This? Dog Caught in Ugly Adoption Battle

Family Says Lost Dog Adopted by Someone Else

Investigation finds dog rescue owners have criminal history

EXCLUSIVE: Court Battle Reunites Woman with Her Dog

Animal Charity Accused of Taking Dog

Video: Dog Flipping: 7 Million Dogs and Cats are Lost Every Year

I feel entitled to happiness and want results that show all my suffering and hard work was not in vain.

Will post how things turn out.

Thanks for reading.
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